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Here’s the very first episode of what I would like to call the “Fierce Fempreneur Show’ – where I interview an inspiring woman entrepreneur who shares her experience and wisdom.


Today I meet with Fabienne Hardy of “C’est la vie” Bakery and “Rouge” Restaurant in Galway, Ireland.

During this interview, you will learn:

  • How Fabienne started her first business venture in Ireland with zero experience in waitressing or management
  • How she went onto developing one of the nicest Restaurant in Galway – and then Bakery
  • How she upleveled and transformed her business to cope and even thrive during a Pandemic
  • How she manages to do all that with 3 kids!

She will share a little about the new Rouge which will reopen soon (hopefully…almost 1 year closed now) with a whole new concept.

Fabienne has an amazing energy, she’s a very kind soul and always looking to make her customers happy while offering amazing products. She’s a true #fiercefempreneur



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