L’ACADÉMIE offers Courses for Women who wish to develop their soul-led business ONLINE.

If you’re only starting with your online marketing, it’s the perfect place for you to:

Connect, learn, get creative, brainstorm ideas, make friends, get feedback and support.


here's what you'll have to do

how you won't have to feel anymore

Whether you already have a business or are only starting, you need to have an online presence.
I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to create content, do videos, use an autoresponder, schedule posts on social media or design a lead magnet (a what?)…
That’s where I come in to help and show you step by step what you need to do, as well as supporting you. I will guide you so that you don’t get stuck anymore with your online marketing.

I believe that to succeed in any business, there are 4 Pillars to focus on: 

#1 Mindset – to be in the right frame of mind is essential to stay motivated & consistent 

#2 Logistics – how to plan, organise and grow your business

#3 Tools – video tutorials designed to help you have an online presence, even if technology isn’t your thing

#4 Wellness – because if you’re not healthy emotionally and physically, you can’t progress or be creative

I’m excited to share everything that I’ve learnt (and continue learning) and save you hours of training (and money!) in l’Académie. 

what's included with each course

**bonus with all courses: free canva course worth €97**


With Zen Leads, learn how to design a Lead Magnet and deliver it (€47)

Learn how to create engaging posts easily, consistently and in a fun way (€47)

Design a beautiful Product or Customer Hub, even if you don’t have a website (€37)

Step-by-step process to create a professional photo portfolio for your marketing (€27)

This course will take your Dreams to Goals and then to Done ✔️ (€27)