If you can’t go outside go inside

In this episode of the Fierce Fempreneur Show, I met with Aude Wasserthereur, a Yoga + Chi Gong  Teacher and Therapist offering acupressure, massage, naturopathy and psychotherapy from her Wellness Centre in beautiful Albufeira, in the South of Portugal.

During this interview, she shared:

  • How she went from being employed to self-employed
  • How she set up a Wellness Centre in an isolated spot of Austria, without speaking a word of German 
  • How she relocated in Portugal and started everything again from scratch

With her beautiful goddess energy and great sense of humour, Aude will take you through her journey and empower you to follow your heart.

I’m very lucky to have been one of her Ashtanga and Kundalini student as well as going for some acupressure among other treatments. What I love the most about her business is Aude herself, her positive energy, all the laughs we’ve had and all the love that she gives to each and every one of her clients.

If you wish to take her online classes or treatments, please contact her:

EMAIL: audinportugal@gmail.com

FB – ALGARVE YOGA TRIBE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/albufeira.yoga.tribe

FB – QUINTA MANDALA: https://www.facebook.com/yogaccuphyto

FB – NATURE PURE LOOKS: https://www.facebook.com/Nature-Pure-Luxe-224072651325339

WEB: https://www.quintamandala.com/en


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