How to heal from the “Not Enough” Syndrome

It's time to love yourself

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The curse of the Not Enough Syndrome

Do you look at yourself in the mirror feeling like you’re not good enough, beautiful enough, slim enough or “[ replace with your own words ] enough”?

Do you happen to believe and say about yourself that you’re not clever or educated enough to succeed in some area of your life?S

You dream about starting something new like learning salsa dancing, or taking art classes or why not start your own business but you have that little voice within you that keeps whispering that you can’t do it because you’re not [something] enough. 

You experience some kind of “imposter syndrome” or what I would call the “not enough” syndrome.

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve done all these things.

Looking at myself in the mirror and always seeing myself too fat! Being completely obsessed with my tummy being too round, my cellulite on my legs, my stretch marks from the thousand diets I did and my boobs pointing downwards… 

There was also that little voice telling me I wasn’t qualified enough to support women on their wellness journey because I didn’t have it all figured out for myself, so how could I advise others? 

But the thing is, do we ever have it all figured out? 

We grow and improve ourselves, we find some kind of balance and then life throws new challenges at us. It’s just the way life is but each time it gets easier and we become stronger and more confident. I’m not completely healed from the “not enough” syndrome yet, but I’m certainly miles aways from where I was a few years ago. 

A promise to MySelf

And it all started with one step that I took. One promised that I made to myself, which I’m going to share with you. 

I made the decision that it was enough, that I was going to stop beating myself up as life is far too precious to spend it feeling unworthy.

“I said STOP! No more insulting myself. No more judging my body in the mirror. No more negative self talk. “

Which is exactly what I invite you to do from today onwards.

Make that decision now to be kind to yourself and to your body. Be aware of the way you speak to yourself and about your body and stop yourself immediately when you say or think something that not kind about yourself. 

Imagine that every time you make a negative judgement, you are judging the little girl within you. 

Be Mindful

That’s why you need be very mindful and to speak to yourself the way you would speak to your daughter, telling her how beautiful and amazing she is. 

Awareness is key as often we say something without thinking. It just comes out! So listen to what you say, the words you use. Words are powerful. They can either uplift you or bring you down. So be your best friend, your cheerleader, your own personal coach.

I promise you that if you start following this simple step today, it will make such a difference in your life.

This topic is very dear to my heart, so to help you further, I’ve created a Self-Love Hub, with tools to help you on you self-love journey.

I share my own journey and 12 steps to learn to love yourself. It comes with a cheat sheet for a quick reminder. I’ve also included some affirmations to print and stick around the house to inspire you. These are very powerful and work on our subconscious mind to erase limiting and negative beliefs. 

Finally, I’ve designed a beautiful Self Love Life Planner to print and work with. I can’t wait for you to have it!


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