It all started with a message from a dear friend of mine: 

“Hi Tissy, I’ve been introduced to this amazing opportunity to make money, you really have to look at it!!!”

I thought: “Oh! Absolutely! Any genuine opportunity that would help create a residual income would mean that my husband wouldn’t have to work so hard, especially when my own massage and beauty business has been grounded for the past year…” 

Coming from this lady, I knew that it would have to be real and not a scam – and even though sceptical, I was opened minded as always and joined the Zoom meeting to find out more. 

Turns out that it’s not just about making money, it’s about creating financial freedom – paying off my debts as well as helping my girls, husband and many more reaching their dreams and getting out of the hamster wheel of exchanging time for money. 

It also means being able to do what we really love and not being stressed wondering how we’re going to pay the next bill or working in a job we hate to do so…

With already over 230,000 people in 180 countries already involved, this opportunity isn’t too good to be true – IT’S TOO GOOD TO MISS!!!

So I took a leap of faith and am now so excited to now share it with you… 



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