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A Community for Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to develop their business online.

Whether you’re starting or are well established, here’s the perfect place for your to: 

Connect, learn, be accountable, brainstorm ideas, get feedback and support. As I’m growing my online business, I help you grow yours…


here's what you'll have to do when you join

how you won't have to feel anymore once you join

what's included

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**bonus: free canva course valued at €47**

how does it work?

#1 Once you have registered, you’ll have accessed to the whole content of the library. So you can already start browsing and getting familiar with the platform.

As soon as the doors are closed, we’ll set up our first group meeting where we will design your 6 months and 3 months plan. During that time, I will also introduce you to my 4 Pillar-Framework for Success :

  • Mindset – to be in the right frame of mind is essential to stay motivated & consistent 
  • Logistics – how to plan, organise and grow your business
  • Tools – video tutorials designed to help you have an online presence, even if technology isn’t your thing
  • Wellness – because if you’re not healthy emotionally and physically, you can’t progress or be creative

#2 You join our Private FB Group and introduce yourself. To make the most of this support group, make sure you spend a few minutes each day asking questions, helping and cheering others. I will be there too!

#3 Each week, you will post a short report in the group of what you’ve done to move towards your goals.

#4 If you have any questions or technical issues, make sure to ask them within the group where I’ll be there with you each step of the way to help you, support you, encourage you and answer any questions.

Imagine, in 6 months time, with consistency, support and accountability, you will have made so much progress in your business…