So who is Tissy?

Ok, let me give you some background…

I grew up in Paris and its suburb. My mum worked very hard all her life in a factory to provide for my needs. Now she’s happily retired, lives a simple life and is always very careful with her spendings. Sometimes she tells me how she regrets not being able to give me as much as she would have loved to because at the time she was literally surviving financially. But to be honest, I didn’t miss anything.

When I turned 22, I left the Parisian suburb to move to Ireland and become a Tour Guide. That was scary as I was going on my own in the unknown. I just listened to my heart and it felt right. I absolutely loved it!! Learnt so much and met so many beautiful people…

In August 2000, I met Max, now my husband:  amazing man, very clever, hard working, creative and determined. Speaks his truth and strong minded so can be challenging at times as there are no filters – just like my daughter Marine! 

In 2005 and 2006, we had 2 girls so I stopped my tour guiding career and started a French After School Club in my area while learning massage & shiatsu, specialising in pregnancy and birth. I wanted to work at a career that I love and was attracted to therapies. Again, I followed my intuition…

During that time, Max started his Angling business. 

Then came the fun part: growing my business while Max was growing his, with 2 young children!!!

In 2012, I opened a Wellness Centre

In 2013, we opened our Holiday Home

In 2014, I trained as a Beauty Therapist

In 2016, I started to be attracted to the online world – I was wondering how could I reach out and help more people?

I trained in online marketing and learnt how to design my own website, create opt-ins, videos, graphics, e-books and more – which turned out to be very helpful as I’ve mostly been working online since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

In 2018, Max and I decided to move to Portugal for the winter, to get some sun and give the girls the experience of a different country… so we homeschooled them, I took the car, the girls, the cat and the hamster and off we went!!! Max joined us there.

NO, all of these choices haven’t been easy.

NO, all of these experiences haven’t gone smoothly.

YES, it has been tough!

But Oh My God have I learnt!

Have I grown!

Have I loved every minute of it!!!!

NO, I have ZERO regrets with everything I’ve done so far.

YES, I have more dreams and going for them!

And ABSOLUTELY YES you too should go for your dreams as NOBODY will do it for you – FACT.

If you haven’t started yet, NOW is the time to press PLAY on your life.

SO take a step, reach out, see how I can help you below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Max and the girls love Portugal, so does our cat Praline 🥰

Here’s how I can help you: