Naturally curious and creative, I love to learn… So when I set up my Wellness business, as well as learning about massage, shiatsu and beauty – I wanted to know how to design my own website, how to create an email list, an opt-in, a video, design graphics and e-books and more. So I spent hours researching, training and learning with many many tutorials and courses…  

Let’s say that I am what I call a “Multi-Passionate Mumpreneur”… A mumpreneur because I started my entrepreneur journey shortly after the birth my second girl.

Before, I was a Tour Guide in Ireland – I would be “on the road” for up to 7 weeks in a row. It was so much fun and very rewarding. 

But once I became a mum, and with a very busy husband who could be gone from 6 am to 10 pm – 7 days a week, I changed career to spend as much time as possible with my girls. Becoming an entrepreneur gave me the flexibility to choose my working hours and take time off to be with them anytime they needed. And I have to say that I’ve loved every bit of what I’ve done so far… 

In the past 15 years, I built and ran:

  • a “French for Fun” after school Club for 6 years
  • a Shiatsu, Massage & Beauty Salon for 12 years
  • a Wellness Centre with a Yoga Room and up to 20 Practitioners working with me for 6 years
  • a Holiday Home Business for the past 7 years

Now that we share our time between Ireland, France and Portugal, I decided to take my work online and put my energy and skills at the service of women who are ready to create and grow their own business…


Whether you already have a business or are only starting, you need to have an online presence.
I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to create a website, a facebook page or a lead magnet (a what?)… That’s where I come in to help and show you step by step what you need to do, as well as supporting you, encouraging you and becoming your accountability partner. I will guide you so that you don’t get stuck anymore with your online marketing.

I believe that to succeed in any business, there are 4 Pillars to focus on: 

#1 Mindset – to be in the right frame of mind is essential to stay motivated & consistent 

#2 Logistics – how to plan, organise and grow your business

#3 Tools – video tutorials designed to help you have an online presence, even if technology isn’t your thing

#4 Wellness – because if you’re not healthy emotionally and physically, you can’t progress or be creative

I’m excited to share everything I’ve learnt and save you hours of training (and money!) in the Fierce Fempreneur Academy. 

Here’s how I can help you: