2022 Year Review

I woke up this morning thinking about my year 2022 and what I had accomplished. Another 11 days and we’ll be going into a new year, a new energy and new opportunities… So to enter 2023 with the best possible mindset, I decided to do a Year Review and see what went well, what didn’t go so well, what I learnt and what are my goals for 2023. So here it is:


What went well this year?

SOLD OUR HOUSE – We sold our house in Ireland, paid the mortgage that was left on it and closed our holiday home business.

BOUGHT A NEW PROPERTY – in Albufeira for investment. We prefer to put our money in properties than leave it sit in the bank…

WENT BACK DOING THERAPIES – I must say that I enjoyed going back doing treatments even if it was very challenging with the language and having to learn new skills. Also starting a new business and building a clientele in a new country is definitely not easy. But I’ve learnt a lot and will work differently in 2023.

MADE NEW FRIENDS – having worked online since the start of the pandemic, going back to work has been the best opportunity to meet new people and even make friends which I’m so grateful for.

MEDITATION & JOURNALING – several times a week, aiming at making time to do it daily!

GRATITUDE – That I practice daily 🙏🏼

What didn’t go so well?

MY DIET & LIFESTYLE – I’ve put on weight and have gotten bad habits, the main one being to have a glass or two of wine every single evening… which disturbs my sleep and contributes to my weight gain. And I don’t exercise… I’ve been feeling very stressed, tired (and with a sore back) all year and haven’t (yet) found the strength / courage / willpower to get back into balance, which is the no 1 goal that I need to work towards in 2023. End of November, I went to see Aude in Albufeira, she’s a naturopath, I did an interview with her here. She’s helping me to get back into balance, but with Christmas, all I think about is cuddling up with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a stupid Christmas rom-com!!! Max and the girls can’t take it anymore 😂

WORKING IN A SALON – I haven’t been able to stay at the salon as much as I would have needed to build a steady clientele as I’ve been traveling back and forth to France and Ireland. And since September, the girls now both go to a school that’s 30 min away from the salon with no transport options so I need to bring them, which has put even more pressure on my schedule. So I’ve decided to stop renting the room at the salon and do home visits instead from January, as well as continuing with my online work. That way, I hope to have more freedom and feel more relaxed. We’ll see how it goes…


What did I learn this year?

NAILS – I learnt how to use the e-file, how to do extensions with gel (I don’t enjoy it) and how to use SNS dipping powder (again, not my favourite technique…). I’ve also improved my nail art skills which I love as it’s very creative.

PORTUGUESE – I definitely improved a lot and am able to hold a simple conversation and solve some day-to-day issues.

How much FREEDOM is important to me!

That I’m adaptable, resourceful, determined and brave 🤩


What are my Goals for 2023?

BALANCE and SELF-CARE – These 2 are linked as I need to look after myself and make some changes to my lifestyle in order to bring some Balance in my life so that I can continue doing what I love without feeling exhausted and in pain.  Under this big goal are a few steps:

  • Reduce my alcohol intake
  • Get back into exercising daily
  • Watch my diet
  • Meditate daily, even for a few minutes
  • Create a morning routine that I stick to
  • Do a weekly review for myself and publish it as blog

I believe that once I get back into balance with my health, it will have a positive impact on my creativity, moods, focus as well as work. And you never know, it might even inspire others…

IN FACT, if your goal is similar to mine, then please join me on this journey! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


So now, I invite you to make a cuppa, lit a candle, take a page and pen and start answering those questions for yourself, you’ll see, it’s a very powerful exercise to do 🙌🏼

I wish you and yours a very very happy new year 2023 with an abundance of joy, love and amazing health ❤️✨🎊


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