Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating!

Plan & Design an ENTIRE “12 Days to Christmas Offers” Sequence, from start to finish, in 5 Days.

I will take you through the whole process – step-by-step!

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)



You’ll be creating it with the support and encouragement of myself as well as other like-minded fempreneurs who share the same goals as you do…

Here’s How it Works:

#1   You register and join the Private FB Group where all the action will happen

#2   Each morning between the 30th November and 5th December, you will receive an email with the details of the Challenge for that day and a link to a video

#3   Each day, you need to dedicate 45 min to do the tasks required and share your work in the FB Group to get some feedback, support and inspiration from the other participants and from myself

What will I be doing exactly during the Challenge?


Your 12-Day Offer Sequence (Offer and Price)


The 12 Graphics you’re going to use in your advertising


Your advertising scripts for your marketing


Your offer sequence with your payment method


Your whole sequence to be ready to launch


In your own glory!!! 

This all sounds brilliant, but WHAT IF…

I don’t have 45min each day to complete the challenge…

No worries! You can complete the challenge at your own pace as you will have access to the videos and the content until the end of December 2020. Although this challenge is designed to launch a 12 Days to Christmas Offers Sequence, it will inspire you to design other offers in the future (Valentines Day, Easter, Summer, Back to School etc.).

I don’t like the Challenge after I started…

No problem, just don’t do it! There’s no obligation, this is just a bit of fun and me sharing a system that worked for me in the past. Plus it’s completely FREE so you have nothing to lose. But I’m pretty confident that you will enjoy it!

I’m not techy at all…

Don’t worry, this is going to be very easy, even for the most non-techy fempreneurs… plus we’ll be helping each other in the FB group, so make sure you join it!

So what do you say?

Are you ready to ditch overwhelm and procrastination to design a fantastic “12 Days to Christmas Offers” Sequence?