“My deepest desire is to live a meaningful life and enjoy it to the fullest – that’s why I take every opportunity to learn, grow, experiment and have fun!!! “

Originally from Brittany in France, I fell in love with Ireland over 20 years ago and moved there to work as a Tour Guide. I met my husband Max in Kinsale…

In 2005, I became a mum with the arrival of Océane, followed by Marine in 2006…  What a life changing experience!! It’s such an amazing and yet challenging “job”… I learn each day as my daughters are growing up, from baby to toddlers to now teenagers… What works with one doesn’t always work with the other as they are so unique… And when I think I’ve got it all figured out, they grow up and everything changes again!!! Ah ah! Great fun!

But what an exchange of Love… PURE – UNCONDITIONAL – LOVE

…it’s magic… 

From Tour Guide to Holistic Therapist

Once my daughters arrived, I changed career to have more flexibility with my time and be with my girls as much as possible. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 15 years ago… 

I chose to pursue a career in Women’s Wellness, which I became passionate about. 

Initially, I specialised in pregnancy massage and ante-natal preparation. But as I love learning, I trained in several modalities, including massage, beauty therapy and Shiatsu – this amazing energetic therapy has changed my life, teaching me techniques to bring physical and emotional balance. 

That’s why I have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, whether it’s in my treatments or in my life. 

Through this blog,

You will find articles sharing the importance of NURTURING YOURSELF,

Making your Wellness a priority, 

Doing what you love & what nourishes your Soul.

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With all my love,

Tissy xxx